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waist trainer for slimming
Hello, mommies ... what do you think is the most obvious part of the body that changes after giving birth? Some people have different stretch marks, some are on the cheeks, on the waist, on the stomach, breasts, on the arms, or on the hips.

You know, when I gave birth, i felt my waist even more stretchy because the pants that originally fit before pregnancy couldn't be buttoned… oh, I'm really heartbroken. I feel like i want to slice off the fat parts that don't want to shrink, while i'm struggling between baby and household chores.

For any reason, parents usually force us to wear a corset, or we called it here bengkung. Because they think the use of a corset after giving birth will really help shaping good figure, and off course slim the belly. But three times I gave birth, i'm completely ignore the corset, and.. you know how the result now, the waist has increased in size, hihi.

Nowadays, corset innovation has continued from the traditional one until now we know the name waist trainer. If you want to know what it is like, it's similar to what women in the 16th century liked to wear behind their balloon dresses. They have very small waist, because of the use of waist trainer which forms the waist, hips and back to be ideal like an hourglass body.

Dynamic Duo To Get Your Slim and Fit Body 

Waist Trainer

Don't worry, today's waist trainers are not like they used to have a lot of straps. Neoprene waist trainer is a modern trainer innovation in the form of a belt, which helps to provide a slim posture, straighten your back, speed up postnatal recovery, and lose weight. The material consists of 80% Neoprene + 20% Nylon, and Lover Beauty provides many choices of waist trainers as desired.
Purple 7 Steel Bones Sticker Plus Size Sauna Waist Trainer


Apart from wearing a corset or waist trainer, I can finally do sports after giving birth. Just take 30 minutes for me time while the baby is still sleeping in the morning.

The sports I did after giving birth included running around the housing and yoga at home. Especially for running, it does feel a little heavy in the chest especially when the breast milk is full, but just do jogging slowly. The important thing is to burn calories and move the body. 

You know that during breastfeeding, your body often feels sore from sleeping on your side all night or carrying a baby all day. As for yoga, it can be relatively more relaxed because it is done at home, next to the baby.

Well, clothes also affect the spirit of exercise. Choose a material that absorbs sweat and is suitable for exercise. It's not easy to get clothes that good and fit, but of course you can find them.

And this is Black Friday! You can look for sportswear at wholesale sportswear where there are so many choices of sportswear for various sports needs. Up to 15 % off available for you in good offers. 

For running, you can wear sports set like this. Consists of 60%Nylon+32%Polyester+8%Spandex, will make you run comfortably.

sports set
Gray Stripes Pattern 3-Pieces Running Set

And this is for yoga leggings, made of 90% Polyester+10% Spandex. It must be very comfortable, cool and flexible.

Exquisite Light Blue Tie-Dyed Printed Jacquard Yoga Pants Elastic. 

So, no reason for not being healthy because never do sports. The more you aged, the more you need sports to strengthen your body. Slim is bonus, but healthy is primary things.  
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  • Soleh
    Soleh 18 November 2021 pukul 18.37

    Interesting.. On the way to buy this one for my wife

  • Siska Dwyta
    Siska Dwyta 25 Desember 2021 pukul 20.52

    Yup setuju banget nih..langsing adalah bonus tapi yang utama adalah sehat jadi emang penting banget buat rutin olahraga.

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